San Blas

The Sunday closest to February 3 is the day of San Blas in Páganos, and perhaps because they are the first festivals of the year in the area, they are so popular.

The entire guard 'goes down' to Páganos. The chulalai is danced and the relic is kissed. It is a day in which chorizo ​​soups, puff pastry and red wine are typical. Also the mulled wine, perhaps because the cold weather requires it.

It is an increasingly widespread custom, go to the blessing of some breads called 'cheeks', as well as the donuts and puff pastries.



The Carnivals in Laguardia are celebrated on the Saturday following the official date. Gangs of children and adults participate in the costume contest organized by the city council, who year after year strive to surprise us with their careful costumes and choreography.

Semana Santa

On Good Friday, one of the most emotional moments takes place: The Descent. A crucified Christ, from the s. XVII, with articulated arms, presides over the high altar of the church that has the honors. A cofrade goes up to the cross to nail it and other cofrades collect it to introduce it into the tomb that will later be walked in procession.

Día del Gaitero

If the music sounds in all the acts and celebrations that are celebrated in this Villa, the Gaita or Dulzaina is the instrument that characterizes it. Maintaining the tradition for years and with melodies typical of the area, a twinning day of all the jugglers-musicians is celebrated on the second Sunday of May

San Isidro

In the month of May, the San Isidro festival is also celebrated, but in a somewhat special way. Laguardia dresses up to celebrate this festivity, in honor of the patron saint of farmers, the day the Agricultural Machinery and Products Fair takes place.

The ringing of bells and the firing of rockets, which will mark the eve of San Isidro's day, precede the celebration of a mass in the church of Santa María de los Reyes in honor of the patron saint. The day concludes with the cucañas that will be organized in the Plaza Mayor for the little ones.

The events start very early with the targets and parades through the town center. The music gives way to the traditional procession of San Isidro and to a popular lunch in which all the neighbors can participate. The party ends at night with the dinner of the members of the San Isidro brotherhood.